The Day of the Lord.

The Hosler takes the day off.
(Sunday day off.)


Opening May 2020 - the new Garni, Hosler, located next to the Oberhalserhof in Scena near Merano. For those of you who haven’t yet discovered its charm, the Oberhaslerhof is a traditional farm, growing fruit and herbs and also producing wine. Priska is our inhouse herb fairy, Klaus and his two sons manage the farm according to ancient traditions yet with an eye to the future. Homemade and local cordials, fruit juices, jams, chutneys, wine and other products can be purchased at the farm shop

Gorgeous green fingered Priska.
Oberhaslerhof’s inhouse herb fairy.

Oberhaslerhof, Scena. An old and authentic farm.
The best of both. Just like back in the day, the farm remains untouched and original and just next door, it’s new neighbour Garni - a new concept in the the new adjacent building.

Farm holidays.
Choose between one of Garni’s new apartments or an authentic stay on the old farm.

Green goodness.
Growing aromatic herbs is one of our specialties

Hounds or hundreds?

Hounds or hundreds?
We welcome both! Doors open from April 2020